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Five12 Vector Sequencer - DAW Integration

Vector and DAW Integration



Whatever DAW you are using there are some basics you need to get right to make it work with the Vector.  At a minimum you will need: 

  • Physical connecting between the DAW and your Vector. 

Five12 Vector Sequencer - Scales and Chords

Scales and Chords


Scale Abbreviations 

CHR - Chromatic

O1 - Octatonic 1, 2 

MAJ - Major O2

O2 - Octatonic 2, 1 

MIN - Minor 

PT - Pentatonic Major 

DOR - Dorian

PTM - Pentatonic Minor 

PHY - Phrygian


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Five12 Vector Sequencer - Midi over TRS




The Vector 3.5mm TRS MIDI IN and OUT jacks are Type B and present as listed below.  This means that if you are pairing it with another Type B device you can use a standard 3.5 mm…

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Five12 Vector Sequencer - Preset Management

Preset Management


Copy and Paste Presets  
  • Go to the PRESET page   
  • Use E9 to select the row that holds the PRESET you wish to copy  
  • Select the PRESET you wish to copy by pressing the corresponding white key  
  • Hold SHIFT…

Five12 Vector Sequencer - Naming Parts

Naming Parts 


  • Press GLOBAL then NEXT 
  • Use E1 to dial to the PART you want to name 
  • Dial E9 right once to go to the naming page 
  • Input the NAME using E2 to E6 
  • From here, you can dial E1…

Five12 Vector Sequencer - Drum Parts

Drum Parts 



To create a working drum part there are two main things you must do. 

  1. Create a PART as TYPE DRUM
  2. Route DRUM voices to external device
Create a PART as TYPE DRUM
  • Only PART 5 through 8…

Five12 Vector Sequencer - Clock Configuration

Clock Configuration 



Configure your Vector as a MASTER or SLAVE to an external device.  

Internal Clock / Sending to External Devices
  • On the GLOBAL page use E4 to edit the SYNC setting to reflect your chosen clock source.
  • Select…

Five12 Vector Sequencer - Chord Parts and Quantisation

Chord Parts and Quantisation

This article explains how note quantisation works within Chord mode.  


  Setting your Key and Scale

When you create a Chord PART and assign a Key and Scale, quantisation of chords will respect the key you define…

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Five12 Vector Sequencer - Polyrhythms


The below exercises demonstrate how to create polyrhythms using the Five12 Vector Sequencer.  There are other ways, but you can work those out yourself.  

  Getting Started

The below instructions lead you through setting up 2 PARTS and work through…

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Elby Studio Tree - Eurorack Case Solution


About 18 months ago I bought a Make Noise 0-Coast synthesizer.  Fast forward to today and I have filled out a pretty healthy 504hp of modules hosted within a 12u by 126hp case.  Does this seem like a familiar…

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Five12 Vector Sequencer and Jack Expander - Review


The Five12 brand is already known to many Mac users through the Numerology sequencing application.  Jim Coker is the man behind the brand and he has achieved a solid reputation for support and innovation.  The development of Numerology can…

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ALM Squid Salmple - Sampler Review


I better get this out the way early.  I am extremely happy with the ALM Squid Salmple and would definitely recommend it if your needs are similar to mine.  My objective was to capture sounds from modules as well…

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