My music is of various styles but at the moment I guess I am writing doom influenced, progressive post rock electronica.  That's a genre. I write basically everything myself then get some great musicians to come in and add their personalities.  

NOT IN KANSAS ANYMORE was released as a CD EP in 2008.  It is somewhere between metal and progressive rock.  Evan Harris played bass, Greg Limberis played drums and it was mixed by David Carr.  The title track can be heard on Soundcloud: Not in Kansas Anymore

If you like what you hear you can buy the digital download of the CD EP for $5 on my MUSIC page.  Here is an interview with me by Peter Hodgson about the Kansas release for IHEARTGUITAR which is an awesome website

ABSOLUTE DUALITY.  I then recorded an entire album of material which, due to a tragic comedy of errors, was never released.  Evan played bass again and Zoltan Csorzs (previously a member of The Flower Kings) played drums. The material was a direct evolution of the Not in Kansas style with more of everything happening at once. 

THE SPACE BETWEEN STARS.  From 2012 I recorded enough material for another CD which was to be far more progressive and atmospheric in sound.  I feel it was a major step towards a more artistic style of composition. The tragic comedy of life continued and those songs were not released, either. But many will be in future  

PRIOR to all this hilarity I played in a metal band named Archeus through the early to mid 90s. We played technical metal which I guess would have been termed progressive metal,  if we knew what that was, back then.  Later, after hearing King Crimson and the Mahavishnu orchestra, I went to La Trobe University to study composition and music theory.  It was fun.