Five12 Vector Sequencer - Clock Configuration

Clock Configuration 

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Configure your Vector as a MASTER or SLAVE to an external device.  

Internal Clock / Sending to External Devices

  • On the GLOBAL page use E4 to edit the SYNC setting to reflect your chosen clock source.
  • Select INT (which means INTERNAL).
  • The Vector wil clock itself and allow you to output the CLOCK to an external device via: 
    • RUN and RESET CV 
    • TRS MIDI 
    • USB A or USB B 
    • JE MIDI 
    • JE Trigger Outs 
  • Go to GLOBAL, hit NEXT twice to get to ROUTE and use E9 to progress to RUN, CLOCK, RESET 4/10
  • Adjust your clock rate using E2, as well as your chosen reset increment.
  • Remember to configure any settings on your external CLOCK destination device.
  • Note: REC THRU mode does not work with any other clock setting.  It requires an INTERNAL clock to be running.  


External Clock / Receiving from External Device

  • Any Clock setting other than INTERNAL requires an external clock source to be connected via USB, MIDI or CV. 
  • You can select an external clock source on the GLOBAL page using E4
  • If you do not have a source connected, and you press RUN, then nothing will happen. 
  • The Vector will receive clock signals via your chosen input. 
  • If you go the ROUTE - RUN, CLOCK, RESET 4/10 page, RUN and CLOCK will be greyed out as they apply to INTERNAL clock only. 
  • You will still be able to configure a RESET variable using E3.


  • Click Global once
  • Use E9 to dial to MIDI SYNC OUT 2/5
  • Use E1 to E5 to turn MIDI Sync ON or OFF for your target output



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