One Year and Four Months Later...

It has been a very long time since I updated the news page of this site, however that does not mean I have not been extremely busy with music.  


  • You can find my 2020 EP entitled 'Tusk' on the Music page

  • There is a large selection of additional works on the Odds/Ends page.  Some of these will be polished up for my next musical release.  

  • The Blog page presents a range of articles on different Eurorack modules - mostly the Five12 Vector Sequencer (which is likely what brought you to my page).  

  • The Space Between Stars presents some of the songs I wrote and recorded with a trio of musicians prior to needing to give up playing guitar for physical health reasons.  

  • The AU-CV page provides information about a Facebook group I manage called AU-CV.  The Australian Control Voltage group is focussed on remote meetings which allow artist performance and wide ranging conversation focussed upon electronic music and eurorack technology.  


I have given up playing guitar, and have kept a couple of guitars but sold just about everything else.  I am at peace with this fact.  I can still sing decently enough when I practice.

My Eurorack has grown into a larger 12U x 168HP Elby Studio Tree solution, as well as a 6U x 70HP Five12 portable case.  I am thoroughly enjoying this adventure.  I picked up a goregous Roland SH-2 from a good friend (Evan!).  It is a 1979 model and works beautifully, with no modifications.