Acoustic Insulation Panels

My studio room has a pretty good sound to it.  The reflections are not too harsh but they are detectable, sometimes.  I decided to research acoustic panels and found that the cost of bought ones (versus the possible benefit)…Read more

Steinberg CMC Platform

Steinberg have retired their infinitely useful CMC series of Cubase controllers. Which is annoying.  But the good news is I got a few very cheaply.  

I made a very simple stand to host them using a thin piece of MDF…Read more

Studio Monitor Stands and Screen Support

My biggest concern was that my monitors were not adequately decoupled from my desk.  So I went about making some monitor stands using PVC, dry sand and some nice wood from the hardware store.  

I liked the varnished wood so…

Read more

DIY Projects

Getting ready for the additional tracking for the first Water Colour Sun EP I decided to review my studio setup.  This blog is about any little things I build to make life easier.  I am by no means overly competent…Read more