Five12 Vector Sequencer - Calibration and File Backup

Calibration and File Backup

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Vector and Jack Expander Calibration Files 

Each Vector and Jack Expander has a serial number.  The Vector will come loaded with the calibration files that relate to itself and also the Jack Expander with the same serial number.  So, if you buy both units together, and they have the same serial number, you are good to go.  

If you buy your Jack Expander separately, or if it has a different serial number to the Vector, you will need to email Jim at Five12 dot com.  Jim will send you calibration files customised for your Vector and Jack Expander.  Once you have the files, you can load them to the Vector via your USB to PC connection.  

Important: You will need to tell Jim the serial number of the Vector sequencer and Jack Expander modules that you own.  My Vector and Expander both have S/N 83 which you can see in the pictures above and below.  


Backup Your Calibration Files  

You should back up the calibration files to protect yourself against the inconvenience of accidental deletion.  Below is a screen shot of the EXCAL and VSCAL DAT files used to calibrate the Expansion and Vector modules.  The Project folder is the one you want to backup to save your precious work.  


PREF and PROJECT folders

PREF - Your Vector sequencer preferences are stored within files in this folder.  Leave these alone  

PROJECT - all your work is stored here.  Back these files up whenever you are doing a firmware upgrade.  I have never had a problem with this but it is still best practice to back up any work that is imprtant to you

Firmware File

The firmware file goes into the root directory of your SD card.  You can deposit it there via USB using the DISK MODE of the Vector, or by removing the SD card and placing the firmware on it using a card reader connected to your PC.  

Relevant Key Combinations

  • DISK MODE - long press SHIFT and F9 and keep holding these until the VS enters DISK MODE

  • LOAD FIRMWARE - long press REC and F9 and keep holding these until the VS enters UPDATE MODE

  • SOFT REBOOT - press and hold SHIFT and F9 but release these once the screen goes blank, and the VS will reboot.  Some times this doesn't work and the Vector requires a power disconnect to reboot.  

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