Woodshed Woodshed Woodshed

A few quick news items.  

I have decided upon a name for my electronic music output, something more abstract than just using my OWN name, which I think is better kept for the guitar based music.  I will announce that once the relevant registrations have been completed. 

New gear acquisitions: 

  • Elektron Digitakt - Sampler and Midi Sequencer 
  • Elektron Digitone - FM Synthesizer 
  • Make Noise 0-Coast - Analog Synthesizer 
  • Behringer Model D - Moog Model D clone 

I’ve been extremely busy with sound generation and a bunch of audio experimentation that has not resulted in songs but has taught me a lot. 

And I have a couple of new songs on the way too, hence looking at the project name for the electronic and ambient music I produce.  I have kind of arrived at a way or working and a sound that I think will be the basis for my ongoing work.