Some gear shots and explanation

This is my basic rig for non metal music.  What you see here is as follows:

- Fender USA Strat with Dimzarzio HS3s, compound radius fretboard with jumbo frets (original neck modded by Paul at Soundworks), titanium bridge and Gotoh locking tuning heads

- Ceriatone DC30 clone head - really great sounding amp.  I highly recommend Nik at Ceriatone

- Achillies 2x12 loaded with V30s which is a gorgeous cabinet.  Labros is making me another with greenback and vintage speakers

- A bunch of pedals, the main ones I use being the Philosopher King and Philosopher's Tone, the HBE CPR Compressor and the TREX Comp Nova.  Yes.  I like compressors.  

- DIY pedal board with BBE power block

The sounds I get are everything from indie rock, edgy clean with tight lows, gritty blues, floydesque cleans and heavily sustained legato.  It is a great setup.