Percussive Maintenance

Rob Brens came over to my place and we worked on some percussion sounds for the ELO cover I am recording for the first EP.  Rob was using a mallet and my Steinberger case to replicate a kick sound and it came out great!  

Steinberger really produced amazing instruments back before the Gibson takeover.  Incidentally, the GIbson developed Steinberger guitar cases sound terrible as percussion objects. What a shame. 

The ELO cover a reinterpretation that reorchestrates the already amazing work of Jeff Lynne in a completely different format.  The acoustic guitar is literal all the way through, playing the song 'as is', but all other instruments dip in and out of the source material and find their own way through the beautiful melodies and harmonic structures.  

And that's why I have Rob Brens on board.  Apart from being a deeply technical and diverse player he is also very creative in his own right and gets my concept completely.  Once his work is finalised, Evan will put in his bass work and that makes me very, very excited.