New Music - Ashes

This is an electronic piece I wrote on the iPad using MODSTEP as a sequencer, and CUBASIS to arrange and perform a basic mix.  I then imported the project to CUBASE on the big machine for further editing and final mix.  

Steve Turner - Ashes (REVmix)

Then, after buying WAVES AUDIO "Revolution" Kontakt instrument I completely redid the drums.  Revolution is an excellent reproduction of 14 classic hardware drum machines and sounds bloody amazing.  The sequencer is second to none for workflow and ease of use.  I plugged in my Arturia Beatstep to live perform a few of the lines using Revolution and that was awesome, too.  

This piece probably shows a bit of James Murphy influence (from LCD Sound System, not the guitar guy who played in Death and Testament) but also clearly demonstrates my own melodic preferences.  Floki (pictured above) even helped out with a bit of awesome closed high hat work.  Nice one Floki!  The long break between posts is for a few reasons - injuries and so on.  My shoulder is fucked with a nerve injury in my neck so guitar playing is out for a while.  I am going to fill in my creative time by writing more electronic music.