New Amp Configuration and Achillies 2x12

So I purchased another 2x12 speaker cabinet from Labros at Achillies Amplification.  I originally bought one from him maybe 10 years ago and had it loaded with two V30 speakers.  The new black one has a Heritage and Greenback configuration. The photos below show the new unit, with the older one to the left, as well as my now completed pedal board.  

I used the Free the Tone self assemble jack cables and a bunch of cable management stuff from Bunnings.  The selection of pedals sound bloody great. The pedals are, from top left to bottom right: 

  • Alexander Golden Summer (reverb and delay) 
  • Earthquaker Dispatch Master (reverb and delay) 
  • Pigtronix Philosopher's Tone (clean and dirty compression) 
  • TRex Comp Nova (clean compression) 
  • TC Electronics PolyTune2 (tuner...) 
  • TC Electronics Ditto Looper (loop layers) 
  • TRex Replica (delay)
  • Crowther Hot Cake (Boost and Overdrive) 
  • Pigtronix - Philosopher King (compression and swell/fade effects)

Cabled as neatly as possible.  The audio patching was really easy with the Free the Tone cable kit.  I bought two kits (10 jacks and 3M cable each) as it was cheaper than buying one and some odds and ends.  I also found the hammer on half circlets really useful to hold cables in place.  I used two door stops from Bunnings as the rear legs to the frame.  Win.