Couch Studio

I have built a studio in my lounge room to do some casual practice and writing.  It basically includes:

- DSI Mopho analog synth (I am using the midi out to point to the Volca Bass)

- Korg Volca Bass analog synth

- Korg Sample loaded with drum sounds (and Retrokits RK-002 midi adaptor)

- Korg Volca FM synth (not pictured as I am awaiting a Retrokits RK-004 midi hub so I can control multiple synths from a single keyboard)

- Arturia Keystep to MIDI in of the DSI Mopho

- M-Audio Trigger Finger which sequences the Korg Sample 

- Yamaha mg10fx Mixer with TRS cables through wall and roof  

- JBL Monitor speakers on the opposite all