Zoom Audio and Video Resources

Below are some links to resources that may be useful if you are getting organised to stream for the first time. 

Zoom Download Centre - can be run on Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android.  This is all you need if you just want to participate as a guest.  

Zoom Configuration for Improved Audio Performance - check these settings out.

OBS Download Page - for Windows, Mac and Linux - allows you to manage your video and audio inputs. 

iOS Camera Plugin for OBS Studio - allows you to connect your iPhone to your computer and use it as a camera to route video into OBS Studio.  You would then configure Zoom to use OBS as your video source, and enable the Virtual Camera setting within OBS. 

iOS Camera App for iPhone - install this on your iPhone and use it to route video to OBS on your computer.  There is a small cost for this app but it is very useful.  I have heard there is a way to use a different app for the same function for free.  Hit me up if you know about this.  Remember to mute your microphone within the app when connected to your Zoom session.  

OBS-ASIO Plugin for Windows - this might be useful if you are using an audio interface in Windows with OBS and Zoom. 

Blackhole Virtual Audio Driver for Mac - allows you to route your DAW to Blackhole virtual audio outputs, and then configure Zoom to receive audio from the Blackhole source.