Studio Monitor Stands and Screen Support

My biggest concern was that my monitors were not adequately decoupled from my desk.  So I went about making some monitor stands using PVC, dry sand and some nice wood from the hardware store.  

I liked the varnished wood so much I decided to make a table for the screen that would provide neat storage space as well.  Coupled with some basic cable management life is a lot easier, neater and the audio change was revolutionary.

Varnishing the horizontal platforms

Spray painting PVC cylinder and flange pieces and shelf legs 

Measure and glue / screw the flanges to the floor platforms 

Insert and glue the cylinder and fill with sand 

Both stand units complete

Drill hole with circular saw bit and glue fixture in place 

I added 2 circular holes and glued the shelf feet in place 

Underside of the desk with the beginning of cable routing 
The shelf complete and in place on the glued legs 

Cable routing to the circular holes under the shelf 

Complete shelf and monitor stand

Complete desk shot