Woodshed Woodshed Woodshed

A few quick news items.  

I have decided upon a name for my electronic music output, something more abstract than just using my OWN name, which I think is better kept for the guitar based music.  I will announce…


This is the Moog Subsequent 37, primarily, and also a bit of guitar pedal fun


Guitar Rig Update

Lots of effects board changes and now dual 2x12 cabinets. 

The black one is a Greenback and Heritage, the dark red snakeskin holds two Creambacks

Pedal board is in constant evolution but should settle within the next 2…

Couch Studio

I have built a studio in my lounge room to do some casual practice and writing.  It basically includes:

- DSI Mopho analog synth (I am using the midi out to point to the Volca Bass)

- Korg Volca…

New Gear: Moog Subsequent 37 Analog Synth

So this is a bit of a big deal.  I have lusted for a Moog for a long time and finally pulled the trigger.  It is great when a piece of musical equipment lives up to the hype because this…

More New Gear - Maschine JAM and Zoom H5

I went out and bought Maschine JAM to go with my Kontrol 49 and Maschine MK2. 

The JAM really adds a lot for control of mixing and the step sequencer is good fun, although I am very manual about my…

NEW MUSIC: Dark Harvest

Here is a new ambient piece titled "Dark Harvest". 

I set out to do something soundscapey and immersive.  

I want to keep pushing this kind of sound further.  

Dark Harvest