New Gear: Moog Subsequent 37 Analog Synth

So this is a bit of a big deal.  I have lusted for a Moog for a long time and finally pulled the trigger.  It is great when a piece of musical equipment lives up to the hype because this…

More New Gear - Maschine JAM and Zoom H5

I went out and bought Maschine JAM to go with my Kontrol 49 and Maschine MK2. 

The JAM really adds a lot for control of mixing and the step sequencer is good fun, although I am very manual about my…

NEW MUSIC: Dark Harvest

Here is a new ambient piece titled "Dark Harvest". 

I set out to do something soundscapey and immersive.  

I want to keep pushing this kind of sound further.  

Dark Harvest



More pedal board work

So this is how you build a pedal board. You need to account for all your power and cable routing and this excel spreadsheet is how I did that. You can see I noted which row and position for each…

Some Swell Sounds

This is a video demonstrating some really nice sounds I am playing with.  

- USA Strat
- Ceriaton DZ30
- Achillies 2x12
- TRex Replica
- Philsopher King
- Wonderfully warm dressing gown.

More gear

And this is my 1996 Steinberg GM Pro and Bogner Uberschall (like an EVIL Van Halen sound)

I generally run it through a Soldano quad but that is overkill for the lounge room, right?

Some gear shots and explanation

This is my basic rig for non metal music.  What you see here is as follows:

- Fender USA Strat with Dimzarzio HS3s, compound radius fretboard with jumbo frets (original neck modded by Paul at Soundworks), titanium bridge and Gotoh…