Five12 Vector Sequencer - DAW Integration

Vector and DAW Integration

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Whatever DAW you are using there are some basics you need to get right to make it work with the Vector.  At a minimum you will need: 

  • Physical connecting between the DAW and your Vector. 
  • There are two main ways people do this, being: 
    • MIDI via USB or DIN, and 
    • CV Clock from your DAW (eg. via Expert Sleepers SW SYNC or Ableton CV Tools) 
  • Configure your Vector CLOCK as described Clock Configuration section of this document.  
  • Configure the DAW application to send CLOCK and START signals to the Vector.   

I will include a few links to some useful resources but ultimately you will need to consult your DAW manual or support community, or ask for help in the Five12 Vector Users facebook group if you are experiencing problems. 



Ableton and MIDI configuration  

Go here. It’s important to set Ableton to MIDI clock type “Pattern”. 



Bitwig - version 3.1.2



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