Five12 Eurorack Case - Prototype


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Jim Coker from Five12 teased development of 3D printed Eurorack cases at NAMM 2020.  

The Vector is equally capable sequencing CV and MIDI, and a standalone device in a custom case seems like a great idea.  There were two cases on the table at NAMM, being:

  • 42HP (3U) hosting a single Vector module.  
  • 70HP (6U) for demoing the Vector and Jack Expander in a working system. 

I was fortunate enough to be sent a prototype, and it is working out really well.  The components I received allow construction of a 6U Eurorack case using two 28HP segments, and one 14HP segment.  With the parts I have in hand, the most useful iterations are 42HP, 56HP and 70HP builds. 

The prototype includes bus boards but requires a BYO power supply, which is subject to change as the concept develops.  I elected to use a Row Power 35.  I have built a few systems using the prototype and photographed them below. 

I call the 56HP confituration a pizza box as it kind of looks like one, but less greasy.  I will likely stick with the 70HP version and have a Disting EX module on the way which will find its way into the bottom row 

Proof of Life

Anyway, enough of my yap, here are some photos of the prototyp in 56HP and 70HP formats. 

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